Epic Rap Battles of Pixelation!

Phoenix Wright! (Patts9009)


Hank Hill! (Firebrand794)


Phoenix Wright:

You were called the Wisest Man on TV.

That’s a contradiction seeing you face me.

I’ll point out your lies in less than an hour

Make you stutter worse than Boomhauer.

You’re unoriginal, planned being Anderson’s son.

You’re boring. Facing Edgeworth’s more fun.

Proud to be Texan? Turns out, you’re lied to.

Because, Cotton played too much peek-a-boo.

Hank Hill

You sure talk a big game, Mr. Japanese hair dude,

But you’ll go down faster than that other suited fool,

My grandfather may be dead but he’s a veteran of war,

And since he’s not here I’ll be judge, jury AND executioner,

Challenging me? You’re even more crazy than Dale is, Nick

Call me your Von Karma, because I’m taking you down, prick,

I have evidence as to why you suck, so prepare for a revelation,

Because this is the last of your meager Trials and Tribulations!

Phoenix Wright

The "evidence" goes against everything you said.

With your DGS, you can't pleasure Bill in bed.

You're too attached to Strickland, anyone can see,

Who the Wright victor of this battle will be!

Hank Hill

Your objections are overruled, so I will whack your ass with a gavel

Like your worst nightmares, I'm haunting as the battles almost unraveled,

Apollo Justice was better than you so don't even bother with me,

And you may now be taken out of court because you are guilty!

Who won?

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