aka Lasse (Rainbow Dash)

  • I live in Denmark
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Move the Clouds in Ponyville
  • I am Pony-lover
  • Lasse200

    Hi guys. Welcome to (obviously) the awesomest member of CMC Scootaloo vs the Pokemon Torkoal.

    Hi there you heavy shelled creature.

    Prepare yourself for a whacking cause I'm gonna beat you!

    You're nothing special all you say is one word.

    That's just like your about 500 other turds!

    I can tell you'll rap really slow so I'm just gonna sit right here

    Then wake me up when you're ready for your sphere!

    Well you know, I may be as slow as fuck but my raps are literally fire,

    you're such a little kid, I'd expect to see better characters than you, please retire,

    you're a fan of RD and yet if anyone was smart and you were there fan, dead,

    asshat orange punk, It's time for my Crusade, you're just messed up in the head,

    do you really think I'm being mean right no…

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