Devil is walking around until Shaun, Piet, Meat and other guys from The ERB Wiki corner him.

Shaun: Its over Devil

Devil: What's going on?

Piet: We're gonna make you admin.

Devil: Cool.

Piet: BAZINGA! You're gonna die.

Devil: Well that sucks

Hawk: Sockpuppeting Overgrown Clownish Fucktard, prepare to be destroyed.

Devil: So how is this gonna happen.

Hawk brings out a gun


Hawk gives the gun to Shaun.

Shaun: I've waited a long time for this Mr Devil.

Devil: Wait I havent said goodbye to Dragon yet.

Piet: Oh well.

Shaun prepares to shoot Devil.

Shaun: Any last words?

Devil: Wibble

Scrawland: DA FUQ?!

Devil: Wibble Wibble.

Hawk: Has he gone mad?!

Devil: I sure have BEEP!

Shaun: Uhh lets just kill him.

Scraw: Yeah.


Devil: I may be dead now, but know that I am happy with Paul Bearer and Joker in the sky.

Everyone leaves except one man: Coupe

Devil: Stay where you are Coupe.

They both realise the building is gonna explode.

Coupe: Come with me Devil. This whole place is gonna blow.

Devil: Believe me, you're the only one who cares.

Coupe: Devil! NO!

Coupe leaves as the building blows up as Devil stays and perishes in the flames.

The End.