Hey guys! This is DexterMaximus here with the awesome Super Random Epic Tourney! Basically, you can be whoever you want. Well, under certain rules anyway!

The battle that started our tourney off!


  • 16 man tourney, possibly 32.
  • 3 backups allowed. If a backup pulls out, or is entered in the tourney, the next person to apply as an elligible backup with a proper character is set as backup. From round 2 onwards, backups will not be used, and if you cannot rap, you will be eliminated, and your opponent will go through.
  • Proper characters, fictional or non-fictional. e.g: Bill Crosby and Shrek are fine, but a hamburger and your mum aren't.
  • 8 lines each, 2 verses each. Voting will end 24 hours after the battle is finished.
  • No being biased
  • No voting for yourselves
  • Match-ups are chosen at random, so don't complain.
  • Draws will be decided by me, and who I think won. If a battle I am in is tied, voting will be extended.
  • A beat if not needed, but if you wish to use won, your opponent is not forced to use it too.
  • No more MLP characters, sorry.


  1. Dexter Maximus as Slender Man
  2. Patts9009 as Vinyl Scratch
  3. ShoopDaKev as Rarity
  4. RespectThePixel as Discord
  5. NightHawk9001 as GIR
  6. FireBrand as Ron Burgundy
  7. Sierrastalker as Jenna Marbles
  8. Loygansono55 as The Doctor
  9. Lasse200 as Scootaloo
  10. CrimsonLabTuxV2 as VideoGameDunkey
  11. LakuitaBro as Torkoal
  12. AwesomeGamer as Brick Tamland
  13. Stofferex as Michael Myers
  14. Wachowman as The Most Interesting Man In The World
  15. J1Coupe as Dante
  16. YouTubeKorea as Harry Potter


  1. Scrawland Scribblescratch as Forrest Gump
  2. Captain Warrior as Iron Man
  3. Mr. Awesome 300 as Nostalgia Critic
  4. Chespin the Great as Wallow


Round 1!

Michael Myers (Stofferex) vs Dante (J1Coupe) Coupe/Dante advances to round 2

Vinyl Scratch (Patts9009) vs Ron Burgundy (FireBrand) - Patts/Vinyl Scratch advances to Round 2

Slender Man (Dexter Maximus) vs Brick Tamland (Awesome Gamer) - Dexter/Slender Man advances to Round 2

Torkoal (LakuitaBro) vs Scootaloo (Lasse200) - Lakuita/Torkoal advances to Round 2

GIR (NightHawk9001) vs The Most Interesting Man In the World (Wachowman)

VideoGameDunkey (LabTux) vs Harry Potter (YTK)

Jenna Marbles (Sierrastalker) vs The Doctor (Loygansono)

Rarity (ShoopDaKev) vs Discord (RespectThePixel)

The Rest Of The BattlesEdit

Round 2! 

Torkoal vs Dante 

Gir/The Most Interesting Man  vs Slender Man

JMarbles/The Doctor vs Rarity/Discord

VGD/Harry Potter vs Vinyl Scratch

The restEdit


I had to make it big because people weren't listening.

So, start signing up! And have fun!