We ask that you check out the ERBOH Wiki. If you want fan-made rap battles, check out the RBN Wiki. And if you want to see PredatorFan's fan made rap battles, check out the CRB Wiki.

Welcome to the Rap Tourney Mania WikiEdit

Rap Tourney Mania is a wiki FULL of rap tournaments with elements of suggestions from the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki. If this wiki turns out to be successful, there should be a tourney happening all the time. However, there is a general rule. Every tourney must last four months. 16 characters will compete in 15 battles (lasting 15 weeks)with back ups in case of drop outs. I will allow up to five at once as it is a TOURNEY FRIENDLY wiki, where as the ERBOH wiki, allows only two at once due to too much going on. That's it for the moment.


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